Graphic Design
IBWD CS, INC provides professional Graphic Design & Digital Printing services in colaboration with MYA Graphic. We apply and combine different graphic design methods such as visual arts and typography to produce high quality designs which can launch your corporate identity:
We design letterheads, business cards, envelopes, complement slips, invoices and presentations.
We design your Logo: Your company logo is the pictorial representation of what your business is all about.
We design your brochure: either  a one-fold brochure, a two-fold brochure, a leaflet or a flyer we are equipped to cater to your specific requirement.
Brand image building and brand positioning have become imperative marketing strategies. However, to create a lasting impression of your brand and induce brand loyalty, you need captivating communication means.
We have extensive experience in different areas such as design for print, corporate identity, product customization and web design.

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